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SurgicalSIM LTS :: The complete system ready for use. Keyboard, display, and tools are accessible.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: The cover is opened to reveal the carousel, camera, and keyboard storage slot.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: The sensor carousel has 6 positions that support 10 tasks.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: The system is folded for storage and transport.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: As the carousel is rotated, instructions for the available task is displayed.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: Coordination tasks require careful manipulation of objects using forceps tools.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: Completed tasks display speed and accuracy scores.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: Task results can be viewed, printed, and exported.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: The system underwent extensive testing and validation at major medical research centers.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: The system is self-contained and ergonomic in design.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: Surgeons learn by observing each others techniques.
SurgicalSIM LTS :: The system was demonstrated and tested at multiple conferences.

The SurgicalSIM LTS is a system for practice and objective testing of laparoscopic surgery skills. It provides a range of physical manipulation tasks as well as recording and tutorial functions with a self-contained, portable device. The system has been tested extensively in the academic surgery community, and has demonstrated advantages over “virtual reality” systems that lack realistic physical feedback.

The system’s enclosure contains a video camera, display, computer, and a rotating task carousel. The carousel is rotated for access to tasks involving object manipulation, knot tying, suturing, and cutting. The software features a tabbed interface for convenient access to video tutorials and recorded scores.

Blackdust developed all mechanisms, electronics, and software for the system through multiple generations of prototypes and tests. The system was demonstrated at multiple SLS, AAGL, and MMVR conferences. Blackdust also manufactured several prototype runs for evaluation at many universities including Stanford, UC Irvine, UNM, U Phoenix, U Chicago, Dalhousie, and McGill.

METI (Medical Education Technologies International) has licensed the design and will be manufacturing the system for worldwide distribution.

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