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Postal Enrollment Device :: 
This device is a peripheral used to enroll mail piece information in a post office.
Postal Enrollment Device :: 
The system can measure the dimensions of envelopes, flats, and parcels.
Postal Enrollment Device :: 
A high resolution imager captures images of the labels printed on mail items.
Postal Enrollment Device :: 
Weight information is collected by a standard parcel scale.
Postal Enrollment Device :: 
Image processing software identifies addresses and bar codes.
Postal Enrollment Device :: 
An earlier prototype designed for measuring small items.

Blackdust developed a mail piece enrollment device intended for use at postal counters. The system, which has been demonstrated to multiple postal authorities, offers improved accuracy and speed for postal clerks and their customers.

The device is capable of measuring the length, width, height, and weight of packages from small envelopes to large boxes. The device also captures high resolution images of the mail pieces in order to decode data printed on their labels. Origin and destination addresses and bar codes are identified and employed in the system's business logic. Delivery time and cost options can be presented moments after accepting the mail piece.

Blackdust developed the initial concept, electronics, and mechanical design; the system is now undergoing futher development at Proiam.

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