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Wearable Display Modules :: 
The display modules illuminate in response to movement and orientation. Wearable Displays :: 
Modules communicate using infrared transceivers.
Wearable Displays :: 
Modules sense contact via capacitive sensors.
Wearable Displays :: 
Animated patterns glow in the dark.
Wearable Displays :: 
Soldering surface mount components.
Wearable Displays :: 
Modules are battery powered and designed to snap onto clothing fittings.
Wearable Displays :: 
Modules can be woven into clothing.
Wearable Displays :: 
Fashion takes a step forward....

Blackdust developed a set of wearable, interactive displays for an fashion research group. The devices have sensors for contact, proximity and acceleration. They can communicate through IR transceivers and display patterns on an array of 20 LEDs.

The devices are a means to explore artistic concepts of identity, expression, and performance.

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